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Philosophy MA Student @ The CUNY Graduate Center

Self-help books and pop psychology hope to serve a purpose. This purpose, as I see it, is to give people practical advice. In some of its manifestations, philosophy does the same thing. Philosophy, however, isn’t always quite as straightforward as self-help and pop psychology. Philosophers who are straightforward are, indeed, rare. One must sift through a lot of unclear non-sense in philosophy in order to get to the good stuff.

At this point, I’ve been studying philosophy rigorously for 6 years. Throughout this process — which is forever ongoing — I have (hopefully) gained insights which I believe are profound…

A Critique and Volte-Face of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus


There is an evident tension within Wittgenstein’s Tractatus. This tension can be summed up as follows: how much does logic reflect the world/reality and how much –if at all — can logical propositions represent states-of-affairs? Ultimately, this tension boils down to the tension between saying and showing. Wittgenstein claims that what can be shown, cannot be said. The following paper intends to explore this tension, in the hopes of resolving it. The method of resolution will entail an exegesis of the ability of mathematics to not only accurately represent reality/the world (and, specifically, logical form), but also the ability that…

Philosophy Degrees are NOT Useless!

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The number of times I and my fellow philosophy-student friends have been asked “what are you going to do with that?” is simply too many to count. There is a quite open myth regarding philosophy degrees: namely, that they are useless. After all, what are you supposed to do with a degree that has you read and write about texts that have little to no practical application?

However, the notion that a philosophy degree is useless and will probably leave its graduates poverty-stricken is nothing further from the truth. …

I believe one of the most useful degrees you can obtain from our current university system is a degree in philosophy. Such a degree can teach you how to think for yourself, and how to think and speak in a powerful and articulate manner. Such skills are indispensable, and if you use them wisely, you will have endless opportunities fall at your lap.

Within philosophy, one of the key virtues inculcated into students is to make strong arguments. Which is to say, you must justify your claims with evidence and citations, rather than merely positing your opinions. Strikingly, however, this…

How to Start Out as a Freelancer

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I’d rather not do a line-and-sinker here. No need to draw in readers. Let’s get straight to it. Here are some of the most important factors to keep in mind when starting out as a freelancer. “Most important,” in the sense that without them, you are bound to be unsuccessful in your efforts.

Writing Samples

Potential clients want to know that you can write. Not only this, but they want to know that you do write and on a regular basis. If you cannot prove that this is the case, you will undoubtedly have trouble gaining clients as a freelance writer. …

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Quiet, and quite impish, yet shy. That was how I felt for years. Writing did not come to me naturally. It took quite a bit of time for me to find my voice. Indeed, I have only found it quite recently.

Developing my voice was a series of trials and errors over the span of nearly a decade. What was always most troubling is sometimes I didn’t even have a voice. Early on in any writer’s career, the voice one has cannot be their own. …

Getting the facts straight on medical cannabis

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Ten years ago, seldom was it the case that you saw any cannabis-related product in ordinary stores. Today, the shelves are stocked with CBD.

The story that CBD enthusiasts tell is quite compelling. CBD (Cannabidiol) is touted to be the “medicinal” chemical produced by cannabis. The hype behind it is essentially that CBD can treat a myriad of conditions without the psychoactive effects of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Many patients who are seeking medical cannabis find these claims compelling, as getting high simply is not for everyone.

The question remains: can CBD really help with things like anxiety, pain, depression, seizures, and…

How Progressives Contribute to Gentrification

It is only natural that when the topic of gentrification comes up, that one envisions an evil businessman in a suit kicking low-income residents out of their town to make way for their Capitalistic intentions. The reason why this is natural is that that is actually what happens. And in that sense, I praise progressives for making a point to showcase the negative moral implications of gentrification.

In another sense, however, praise is the furthest thing we should be lending to progressives when it comes to gentrification: this sense is the one in which they directly contribute to the existence…

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Self-Publishing

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What is the primary goal of any writer trying to make it? To get published. Being published indeed is the ultimate dream of any writer. This because being published entails growing your audience as a writer and also it entails getting paid doing what you love.

Some believe that you should simply stick to the pursuit of getting published. I disagree. There are some profound merits of self-publishing that are very difficult and in some cases, impossible, to attain through publishing.

Freedom of Thought and Expression

As someone who has been published, the most frustrating aspect of working with publications is the thwarting of my…

Heidegger’s Essay in the 1950s on technology predicted social media, fake news, and the internet.

Jeff Orlowski’s recent Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma illuminates the profound influence that social media and technology has on our lives. The picture the film paints for us is one in which the technology we use every day collects a massive amount of data from us, and in doing so, competes for our attention by pulling at the strings of primordial human psychology. As a result, our privacy has been breached, the “truth” is uncertain, and misinformation runs rampant.

By collecting immense amounts of data from all of its users, Google essentially knows what you would like to hear from…

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